Summary of Life on a T-Shirt

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This funny t-shirt pretty much captures the essence of most people’s lives…

Cheese Grater Toilet Paper

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This ain’t your Grandma’s Charmin! Available through, this manly toilet paper is the perfect accessory for that hunting camp or Una-Bomber shack.


Via: Nerd Approved

Funny Church Signs

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Here’s a great collection of funny church signs from across the USA. Funny seems to be nondenominational… Enjoy.



Parenting for Dummies Reference Chart

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A great reference guide for those first time parents, or grandparents who have forgotten the day-to-day basics of baby care.


Amazing Slip ‘N Slide

September 7, 2009 by  
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What to do while your parents are away for 10 days? A party? Road trip? How about mix a little imagination with  all that engineering stuff you learned in your sophomore year of college, add some water and voila – your very own homemade 60 foot, 2 story slip ‘n slide.

Source: College Humor

Fitting Room Butt Cam

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Guys, your officially off the hook when it comes to answering the question; “Honey, do these pants make my butt look big?”  Take a video camera – point to the shoppers backside, attach to a plasma TV and voila! The Jeans West Butt Cam that allows you to see your own caboose! Although the company claims that video is not recorded, how long before a store employee hacks into the feed and shares “The Best of Butt Cam” on YouTube?


Via: Foolish Gadgets

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