Chair Leg Dog Chew Toy

August 12, 2009 by  
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While dog trainers may gasp in horror, the Chair Leg Chew Toy may be just what the doctor ordered for those of us whose dog has repeatedly failed doggy obedience school. A foot tall and coming in a variety of colors, your precious pooch can gnaw to his/her heart’s content without you worrying about them ruining your Stickley dining room set… although at $29.99 a pop, it may be cheaper in the long run just to buy new furniture.


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Doggie Cam Gives “Pet’s Eye View”

July 11, 2009 by  
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Firebox’s “pet’s eye view cam” attaches to your pet’s collar and takes up to 40 pics at timed intervals so you can see just what your critter does during the day.  Can the raw feed doggie video site be far behind?  The camera costs around $65 US.


Source: Firebox