BeerStat – Beer Tracking iPhone App

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Now available in the iTunes App Store for 99 cents is a soon to be must have iPhone app: BeerStat issued by 177 Design. The program not only allows you to maintain statistics such as the daily, weekly or monthly beer you drink, but also what brand the beer was, how many calories each beer has and how long you’ll have to exercise to burn them off.






The cool features available with BeerStat include:

  • – You can add an unlimited number of beers
  • – Instantly add beer that you’ve drunk
  • – Viewing daily / weekly / monthly statistics
  • – Drinking calendar
  • – Viewing interesting and fun facts about beer
  • – Collaboration with Twitter and Facebook – show you friends
    and employer how much of an alcoholic you are!
  • – Units of measure in both metric and imperial

Here’s how it looks in practice on the promotional video from BeerStat:

Can Grip Makes Chugging a Breeze

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Can the Can Grip dethrone the koozie? Only time will tell. Designed to keep your hand from touching the can, it keeps your hands dry and keeps the warmth of  your hand from transferring to the can. It also eliminates the need for a coaster. Can the Can Grip Koozie be far off? Only $4.99 from Perpetual Kid.


Via: Foolish Gadgets

Listen to the Beer

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Funny how some things seem to speak to you and reinforce your thoughts. Odds are by the time you worked up enough nerve and finally listened to the beer you had passed out…


Source: College Humor