Fitting Room Butt Cam

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Guys, your officially off the hook when it comes to answering the question; “Honey, do these pants make my butt look big?”  Take a video camera – point to the shoppers backside, attach to a plasma TV and voila! The Jeans West Butt Cam that allows you to see your own caboose! Although the company claims that video is not recorded, how long before a store employee hacks into the feed and shares “The Best of Butt Cam” on YouTube?


Via: Foolish Gadgets

iPhone and iPod Soap

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Are you a gadget freak that just can’t seem to stay away from your toys, even when in the shower? Then check out the Apple iPhone and iPod replica soaps. Handmade and very realistic. Now instead of just listening to your iPod or talking on your iPhone, why not rub them all over your body too?


From: Etsy

Amazing Beer Pong Stunts

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A Web Nebber “Back to School Special”… have you been practicing your beer pong this summer? If not then these college guys can provide a few pointers. Too bad it just doesn’t do much for you when you put “Beer Pong Master” on your resume.


Barfing Toothpaste Dispensers

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Why not make brushing your teeth a little more fun? Perpetual Kid is offering dog and cat toothpaste caps that puke when you squeeze the toothpaste tube! While your mother-in-law might not appreciate them (but possibly an added benefit), your kids will!



Sleeping Can Be Hazardous

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Who thought that taking a snooze in your yard might lead to a heart attack? Sleeper beware! A really funny prank, but kids… don’t try this at home.

Amazing Waboba Water Ball

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Liven things up next time you go to the beach or the community pool… take a Waboba ball. Waboba balls are made of polymer gels and has a elastan coating that allow the balls to bounce and float on the water surprisingly well. etc.

wabobaCheck out the Waboba ball in action:

Available from: Waboba

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