Classic Comedy: Terry Tate Office Linebacker

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The classics never go out of style. Here are what may be two of the funniest commercials ever made. Thank you Reebok!

Terry Tate: Office Linebacker 1

Terry Tate: Office Linebacker 2

“Dead Head” Personal Cremation Urns

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Finally! A good use of 3D technology! Want to put the cremated remains of that special someone in something more than a Target garden pot? Then look no more. Cremation Solutions of Arlington, VT has come up with “Personal Urns.” Just send in a couple of good photos of your deceased loved one and in 2 weeks, you can have a life like head that will hold the cremated remains. If they weren’t so darn expensive ($2,600 for the full size, $600 for the 1/4 size) they’d make cool planters or cookie jars!

head urn

Source: FoolishGadgets

Slow Cow Anti-Energy Drink

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slowcow1A Canadian marketing team has come up with the equivalent of “Quaaludes in a can.” Over the course of 18 months, the team tinkered with various ingredients until the final formula was developed. The drink primarily consists of natural ingredients that are intended to calm you without drowsiness, such as passion flower, valerian and camomile. The key ingredient, however is L-Theanine, which is an amino acid that supposedly creates a relaxed, focused state of mind.

The best line on the Slow Cow website? “L-Theanine is also a natural replacement for “Ritalin”, used by both adults and children.”

Source: Slow Cow

Moon over Amtrack Event

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A bizarre tradition in Laguna Niguel marked it’s 30th anniversary this month. “Moon over Amtrack,” which started as a bar bet way back in 1979, has had thousands of people show up for the event in past years, but a recent crackdown (no pun intended) subdued, but didn’t eliminate, this year’s “showing.” About 400 folks turned out.


moon1Here are some interesting FAQ’s from the event’s website:

Must I “moon”, or can I just watch? No, You can watch.

I’m obese, is it O.K. if I moon? Yes yes, please “moon” with us. We need people like you for the extra high intensity mooning you can provide.

Can I decorate my butt? Yes, that’s O.K.

Is Amtrak associated with this? NO, neither Amtrak nor Metrolink have anything to do with this “show” except operate the trains.

Can I photograph or video the people and this event? Yes. Permission is required only of the people in your photography.

For more info, visit:

Flaming Bacon Metal Cutter

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Here’s the latest in this week’s tribute to bacon. It’s a rainy weekend and you are bored out of your mind. What to do? If you are Theo Gray, Mad Scientist, you see if you can get flaming bacon to cut metal!

Source: BoingBoing

Odds & Ends

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55% of online teens use social networks
More than half (55%) of all online American kids ages 12-17 use online social networking sites, according to a national survey of teenagers conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

A Harris Interactive survey of small business execss found that 78% of respondents didn’t feel that Internet usage by their employees hurt their companies’ productivity.

A study conducted by a team led by Timothy Judge, Professor at the University of Florida, found that tall people make more money than short people by $783 per inch per year. In fact, height was more important in determining income than gender and experience does not limit the effect. The researchers suggested that there is a belief (myth, urban legend) that society respects tall people and holds a biased view that they are successful.

The auto union hourly workforce has declined at a yearly rate of 4.5% from nearly 250,000 in 1994 to about 120,000 today. The cost of retirements currently adds $1405 per vehicle – retirees peaked in 2008, and prices reflect this change.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics and the Federal Election Commission the pharmaceutical industry has increased its contributions to federal election campaigns tenfold since 1990; $2.4 million to $21.9 million.

Gail Collins’ book, America’s Women: 400 Years of Dolls, Drudges, Helpmates, and Heroines (William Morrow), delves into every facet of women’s contribution to our country and the way society has viewed them. Consider:

* In the 1800′s, tomboys were considered “little girls who showed the least tendency toward thinking and acting for themselves.”
* The true scarlet letter was a P for pauper. Like today, the most distressed segment of the economy are single mothers with children. In revolutionary Pennsylvania, a single mother with children who received public handouts had to wear a red P on their sleeve.
* During WWII, 1,000 women flew 60 million miles – most of the time they were shot at because they were towing targets through gunnery practice; or they were testing planes, grounded because of malfunctions.
* The first colonial lawyer that was a woman (Margaret Brent) filed 134 suits in eight years; but she did pull Maryland through a crisis.

Which jobs are on the Bureau of Labor Statistics list as the most dangerous, even during a period when on-the-job deaths fell 6.6% — to the lowest level since 1992? Timber cutters, pilots, fishermen, construction workers, structural metal workers, drivers – sales workers, roofers, electrical power installers, farm workers and truck drivers.

A study by Richard Jenning at the University of Pittsburgh shows that high blood pressure can age the brain by ten years. Even hypertension can contribute to short-term memory losses. PET scans showed that those with high blood pressure had less blood flowing to memory regions of the brain.

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